Baby Sleeping Bag Natural White - 0.5 TOG
Baby Sleeping Bag 100% Bamboo fabric ChamonixRain

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The ChamonixRain Organics 0.5 Tog bamboo sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby at a warm, comfortable & consistent temperature all night long, resulting in a safer sleeping environment for your baby and a better nights sleep for you, and will soon become an important part of your babies nightly bedtime routine.

Our range of Premium Quality Sleeping Bags allow your baby the freedom they need for arm movement without restricting them in any way. They also have plenty of room within the bag to kick and move around safely during the night, whilst still remaining covered and warm all night long.

Our sleeping bags are made with the highest quality undyed and unbleached 'natural white' 100% bamboo fabric, which means that as well as looking incredibly sleek and stylish – they are also luxuriously soft and cuddly against your babies delicate skin.


  • Grown organically, without the use of pesticides or fertilisers making bamboo products.
  • Bamboo is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, which helps keep moisture away from the body helping keep your baby drier.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial properties, making it a much healthier sleeping environment for your baby.
  • Thermo regulating, helping keep your baby keep warmer in winter & cooler in summer
  • Silky soft feel wash after wash – similar to cashmere and silk
  • Naturally odour resistant

Our bags have been tested, and comply with the mandatory standard for children's nightwear in Australia AS/NZS 1249:2003.

The TOG rating describes the warmth or “thermal resistance” of a fabric .The higher the TOG rating is, the greater the level of warmth the sleeping bag will provide for your baby.

Choosing a TOG

2.5 TOGIdeal for standard nursery temperatures of 16-20°C
1.0 TOGUse during warmer weather and in nurseries of 20-24°C
0.5 TOGFor hot weather and very warm nursery environments over 24-27°C

Comfort and safety of your baby is of the utmost importance to us, as it is to any new mum so to ensure that your baby is at the ideal temperature when sleeping you will need to have the right combination of sleeping bag TOG and sleep wear clothing. This of course, will vary depending on the temperature of your babies room, so just remember that the ideal temperature for your babies room is at 18°C.

We have created the table below for you to use as a ‘guide’ when selecting the right combination of sleeping bag and sleep wear. Please keep in mind that this is only a guide and that room temperatures may change throughout the night, so regularly check your baby’s temperature by feeling their back. It should feel warm to touch but not hot and sweaty or cold. If it feels cold, then add one layer of clothing, and if it feels hot, then remove one layer of clothing. Once again the table has been created only as a guide and your own discretion is recommended when dressing your baby for bed.

Nursery Temp2.5 TOG1.0 TOG0.5 TOG
16°CSinglet/long sleeved bodysuit, sleepsuit / pyjama set
18°CSinglet & sleepsuit
20°CSinglet & or sleepsuitSinglet & sleepsuit
22-24°C Short sleeved body suit
25-27°C Short sleeved body suit

Long or short sleeved bodysuits - these are cotton body-vests with press stud fastenings at the crotch. Ideal for keeping a nappy in place, and also prevent the garment from riding up. They also allow you baby to kick bare-legged in a sleeping bag.

Sleepsuit - An all-in-one cotton suits usually with press stud /zip openings up the front and legs. Some have enclosed feet, and some have ankle cuffs. A great example are bonds wondersuits. Two piece pyjama set will provide a similar level of warmth to a sleepsuit.

Pyjama top - By layering a cotton pyjama top, (or long sleeved top) over a long-sleeved bodysuit provides a double layer on your babies arms. Add pyjama bottoms for extra warmth if required.

When the temperature is cooler, a pair of socks and a further long-sleeved top can be added. Do not worry if your babies hands or feet feel cool. This is normal as long as the stomach area is warm and comfortable. Never place your baby to sleep in a hat or hood. Layering extra clothing instead of adding blankets eliminates the dangers associated with loose bedding and allows your baby freedom of movement around the cot.

Guide to using your ChamonixRain Organics Baby Sleeping bags safely & correctly

  • Use your sleeping bag instead of blankets and sheets
  • Never use your sleeping bag with a doona or quilt
  • Adjust nightwear according to room temperature (you will soon discover the best combination of night clothes and baby sleeping bag for your baby's bedroom)
  • As babies are not good at controlling their own body temperature, It is widely recommended that you use an accurate thermometer to measure the temperature in your baby’s room. Keeping a close eye on the thermometer for them will help your baby to sleep soundly and comfortably.
  • Use our what to wear table as a guide only, and check your baby is not overheating

Size Guide
It is recommended that Baby Sleeping bags are used from 6 months or 8kg. We provide 2 sizes in our sleeping bags 6-18 month & 18-36 months. Please also refer to our table below to see which size sleeping bag is best for your baby.

Approx AgeMin Baby WeightMax Baby Length
6-18 months8kg80cm
18-36 months11.5kg90cm

Washing and Care Instructions
Please ensure that you fasten the zip and zip cover prior to washing. Cold machine wash separately at 30'c. Dryer safe on a low heat setting. May be ironed on low heat setting. We recommend that each baby has at least two baby sleeping bags to cater for times when one is in the wash.

SIZE6-18 months + 18-36 months
MATERIAL100% Bamboo fibre

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